PayPal Coming Soon in Bangladesh

Posted on August 7, 2012


Finally after an enormous long struggle Bangladesh (Formerly East Pakistan) is ready to taste the true flavors of PayPal a relatable worldwide online payment solution. As Bangladeshi Tiger’s are prepared to welcome PayPal in their traditional style. According to our confirmed sources, PayPal will be released in Bangladesh this Sept 2012 which is the key news for all those countries who are still unable to acquire PayPal which includes Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and etc.

After some dedications from Bangladeshi bankers and investors, they showed interest in PayPal and hence visited the headquarters of PayPal in San Jose California USA and after a long meeting with PayPal officials Bangladeshi investors were able to convince PayPal officials to start their service in Bangladesh.

Still many Muslims countries are yet to taste the true colors of PayPal, but regrettably major country like Pakistan is still incapable to acquire PayPal. If we look at the financial system of both countries (Pakistan and Bangladesh) we will see a big difference as Pakistan is way in front from Bangladesh. But still we cannot underestimate Bangladesh as they have achieved glittering success in real short period of time.

No doubt PayPal is the world’s leading payment solution, which allows user to send and receive money in just few clicks and is the only way to reach your customers all across the globe.

Bringing PayPal in Bangladesh:
Bringing PayPal in Bangladesh is the recurring team work of bankers and investors who repeatedly forced PayPal officials to start their service in Bangladesh and as a result PayPal officials agreed to serve Bangladesh. Let us look how Bangladesh was able to convince PayPal

  • A top ICT event held in Dhaka last year – Where PayPal officials meet Bangladeshi workers.
  • San Jose California USA – Bangladeshi officials met with PayPal officials.
  • eAsia Conference 2011 – In this conference PayPal officials announced to start their service in Bangladesh from September 2012.

So its confirmed that Bangladesh will soon welcome PayPal so Bangladeshis be ready to give a warm welcome to PayPal and don’t forgot to make use of such a great opportunity

What Should Other Countries Learn From Bangladesh?

PayPal is the basic need of every successful country so its time that countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and etc learn from Bangladesh. The way they handled the pressure by rising up to the occasion and coming up with perfect ideas which convinced PayPal to start their service in their state.

So its time countries should be dedicated towards information technology and should make awareness among the young troops to learn the correct strategies of technology. While on the other hand governments have to play a major role in bring PayPal in their countries.

The most crucial thing which we need to learn is to be dedicated towards our real goal. We should try our best to achieve what we richly deserve and if we follow the correct guideline nothing on this earth could stop us.

What Steps Should Be Taken To Bring PayPal in Your Country:

This is the million dollar question for all online community, how we can bring PayPal to our country. After researching day in and day out I came across this conclusion to bring PayPal in your country we have to step forward and we have to play our role as a men power can only solve this crucial issue. Remember there is no question in the world which is unsolvable, the word impossible it self says I am possible so we should be motivated and ask PayPal to start their service in our country. On the other hand the government of our countries have to play it’s part as without government’ s support we cannot achieve which we are desiring. I personally think banker also need to step forward and should highlight this issue because if PayPal started their services in countries like Pakistan we will see a huge flood of economy transfer to our country which will bring number less jobs with it.

What’s Next?:

So I could only hope soon we will see PayPal in Pakistan as well as other country, as there are tons of Pakistani and other Muslim bloggers. It time that every one realize we bloggers need PayPal really badly to take our community to next level. That’s it for now guys, till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Earning