Michael Jackson Murder Trial

Posted on September 30, 2011



Two of Michael Jackson’s key staff told a court Wednesday of “frantic” efforts to save the star’s life while his children wept, and how doctor Conrad Murray suggested a cover-up minutes after he died.

On the second day of a long-awaited manslaughter trial, the court also heard that Murray claimed repeatedly that the pop icon was in good health, in the days and weeks before his death on June 25, 2009.

Witnesses also told how Jackson went regularly to a doctor for a skin disease, and sometimes emerged from the sessions talking slowly or slurring his speech.

The most gripping testimony though came from Michael Amir Williams, Jackson’s personal assistant for two years leading up to his death aged 50 from an overdose of the powerful sedative propofol.

He recalled the phone call from Murray alerting him that something had gone terribly wrong.

“He said ‘Where are you?’ I said: ‘I’m downtown.’ He said ‘Get here right away, Mr. Jackson had a bad reaction. Get here right away’ .. He said ‘Get somebody up here immediately,” Williams told the LA Superior Court.

The trial opened in Los Angeles Tuesday, when prosecutors laid out their case that Murray was guilty of “gross negligence,” while the medic’s lawyers said the drug-addicted star effectively caused his own death.

But it also heard evidence that Jackson, while giving cause for health concerns a week or two before he died, was in reasonable form in his last days, rehearsing for an ill-fated series of comeback shows in London.

But things went wrong overnight, when Murray allegedly gave Jackson a series of drugs to help him sleep — the doctor’s lawyers claim the star took more by himself — before finding him not breathing after going out the bathroom.

Pre-trial hearings heard evidence that Murray asked for other medicine and equipment — reportedly including bottles of propofol — to be removed from the room before police arrived.

Murray, 58, faces up to four years in jail if convicted by a jury of seven men and five women.

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